My blogger settings.

I wrote useful settings for blogger to remember it.

First time I setup new blog on blogger I set these settings:

  • Disable WYSWYG editor.
    Settings ==> Basic ==> Show Compose Mode for all your blogs? ==> No.
    I edit article as plain HTML to get full control on article content (WYSWYG editor places his tags).
  • Enable quick editing link.
    Settings ==> Basic ==> Show Quick Editing on your Blog? ==> Yes.
    I use quick editing link, so set to Yes.
  • Open new page for enter comment.
    Settings ==> Comments ==> Comment Form Placement ==> Pop-up window.
    This minimize page usage, save traffic.
  • Only authentic person can comment.
    Settings ==> Comments ==> Who Can Comment? ==> Registered Users.
    No anonymous post. Don't forget include OpenID!
  • Disable backlinks.
    Settings ==> Comments ==> Backlinks ==> Hide. Settings ==> Comments ==> Backlinks ==> Backlinks Default for Posts ==> New post do not have backlinks.
    For me backlinks not useful (I remove code in blog template which generate backlinks).
  • Use CAPTCHA.
    Settings ==> Comments ==> Backlinks ==> Show word verification for comments? ==> Yes.
    Stop spam!
  • Setup email notification when comment posted.
    Settings ==> Comments ==> Backlinks ==> Comment Notification Email ==> <Enter emails>.
    I need be notified when someone post comment.
  • Do not place <br/> tags after LF.
    Settings ==> Formatting ==> Convert line breaks ==> No.
    I need get full control on article content, so disable this option.