Travel into WEB past.

Some time you type URL and server respond "404 Not Found". Requested article moved to another place or ever deleted!

Don't panic!

There is exist "Internet Archive" which is a non-profit organization with the stated mission to collect all available human knowledge.

Internet Archive provide "Wayback Machine" service which allow you get old version of article, available in Internet far in past.

Goto to URL: Wayback Machine and try it!

I was gladdened by this service when search SSL 2. Original link

no longer exist.

So I go to "Wayback Machine", type specified URL wait 10 min (server high load?) and get links to different document snapshot. First dated "Dec 01, 2002", last "Apr 14, 2008". Now I can point to SSL 2 standard original as:


Another lost page is

Now I read this article from

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